Like shipping pallets, wood cable spools are another everyday item that has endless display potential. Used to hold lengths of rope, electrical wire and other cables, these versatile spools are available in many sizes—and often for free! Stylist/designer Nancy Borsodi wanted to display a collection of patterned textiles, so she reinvented several spools to create this colorful textiles display. Follow these instructions to create your own:

1. Gather some spools. Ask your local home improvement stores or utility companies if they will sell you their empty spools—or they might even give them to you for free!

2. Create the look of thread. Wrap a few smaller spools with cotton piping (found at craft stores), stapling each end to the wood to secure it.

3. Add color with paint. Cover the spools’ exposed wood with paper, and then spray paint the wrapped piping any color you like. Nancy used bright colors on hers to complement the patterned merchandise.

 4. Make a long shelf. Stack medium-size spools several feet apart and top them with a board. If you’d like, you can add a second shelf by sandwiching another board between the spools. Screw cup hooks into the boards to hang product.

5. Set up a pedestal-style table. Turn a large spool on end, and then stack a smaller one on top for even more display space.

6. Fill it out. Add a few more spools to finish your arrangement, and then pile on the soft goods.

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