Reclaimed Handcrafted Granite Serverware
Stationary or spinning chillable servers that keep your goodies at the perfect temperature.

Rock Dock – Natural stone charging stand.

Our playful Bottoms Up Wine Bottle Holder is designed with purpose and beauty in mind. Handcrafted from recycled granite, hand-formed helical aluminum rods, and select New England beach stones, each Holder securely embraces three bottles of wine. The whimsical twists hold each bottle inverted to keep corks moist and expanded, protecting and preserving your wine.

Rock Dock allows you to easily dock and charge phones on the provided cable with one hand. Available in Lightning, Micro USB, or USB-C cables, Rock Dock arrives ready to use.

Handmade Bottle Chilling Coaster Set includes hardwood carrying caddy and four granite coasters custom made for chilling 12 oz. glass soda or beer bottles. Store entire set in freezer and always be ready to party.

Each Cool Coaster set includes two granite coasters, two granite chilling stones, and two glass tumblers. Freeze coasters and chilling stones, then serve fine spirits chilled and undiluted.

Touchstone Wine Glass Pirouette – A beautiful way to display and carry our handmade Touchstone Wine Glasses, our Caddy spins gracefully and holds four Wine Glasses securely.

Can Chilling Coasters Set: Handmade from reclaimed granite, the substantial anti-tip coasters employ the chillable quality of stone to keep your beverage cans cold and securely upright.