Bed & Bath Décor To Make a Splash


When we decorate, we often decorate for others, focusing on rooms commonly exposed to guests: living rooms, dining rooms, even kitchens. But the privacy of bedrooms and bathrooms doesn’t mean they should be left out. Let your customers indulge by sprucing up a home’s more personal areas.

Bathrooms are great areas to add some zest. Their compact space means small items go a long way in changing the room’s ambiance. Bathroom items are generally functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun or ornate. And bath décor items make great gifts: they’re affordable, useful, and can fit a wide variety of styles.

For bedrooms, nothing says cozy like a soft, warm quilt. And they pair great with rugs of similar colors, creating a unified look for the room.

Rugs can actually go just about anywhere in the house, protecting floors and keeping feet warm. Small rugs are particularly useful in bathrooms. Bare feet on cold tile presents slip and fall dangers to those getting out of baths or showers.

Whether it’s colorful soap dishes, textured caddies, or cozy rugs, these items go a long way in brightening often under-decorated rooms in the house.

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