Stumped over what to include in your store’s e-mail offer? Here are five tips from the marketing expert Andi Enns, who, in her teens, was recognized as the youngest person in the United States running a marketing consulting business, where she created campaigns and promotional pieces for small businesses nationwide.

1. Always include a note from the owner at the top of the e-mail, with a photo of the owner. This personalizes it and makes readers feel like they’re getting to know you. With country and Christmas retailers, this is especially invaluable.

2. Offer something that doesn’t benefit you. “I don’t mean a coupon or a sale, I mean content,” says Enns. Provide links or articles related to things you sell. For example, if you have a Pinterest account, you could make a “Holiday Decorating” board with a collection of ideas, and have a link to that in your newsletter.

3. Intrigue your readers with a magazine-style subject line. This means something like, “10 Ways to Decorate Your Dining Room for Christmas” or “What You Didn’t Know about Plum Pudding Could Kill You.” This will be your big content piece and should be toward the bottom of the newsletter.

4. Send your e-mail newsletter regularly (at least once every two weeks). Staying at the forefront of customers’ minds is extremely important with e-mail marketing. “Otherwise,” says Enns, “People will start forgetting about your e-mail.”

5. Understand that it’s OK to show your own personality. “You aren’t Big Box Mart, and your e-mails don’t have to look like theirs,” Enns assures independent retailers. “While you should strive for a pleasant design, feel free to make your e-mails as homey and friendly as your store.”