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Smart Retailer October/November 2023

10 Fabulous Finds
18 Made in USA
24 Handbags, Fashion Accessories & Jewelry
28 Floor Coverings & Textiles
32 Gourmet Food
36 Summer Shows Report
40 Retail on the Road
46 Business Briefs
50 Change Is Good (Right?)
56 Ludlow Thorston Gallery

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Smart Retailer August/September 2023

10 New for You
16 Home Décor
22 Cooking & Kitchen
28 Candles & Scents
32 Game Day: Sports
34 Sales Trends
40 Work With Like-Minded Businesses
44 The Yuletide Trail
48 Business Briefs
ON THE COVER: CTW Home Collection goes “Back-to-Basics” with its re-imagined primitive look. Its nostalgic décor brings charm and much-needed comfort to living spaces. See the entire primitive collection online at CTWHomeCollection.com.

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Smart Retailer July 2023

10 New in the Market Find out some of the latest trends as you prepare for the upcoming seasons.
16 Christmas/Winter
24 Entertaining & Tabletop
50 Business Briefs
ON THE COVER: New for 2023, The Hearthside Collection offers charming and festive plush items like Mr. Chilly and primitive plaid trees. Shop the best holiday selections at www.thehearthsidecollection.com for candles, ornaments, signs, and more!

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Smart Retailer May/June 2023

10 Discover Trending Products
14 Fall & Halloween
Prepare for autumn with merchandise that embodies the season of tricks and treats — including home décor, candles, and gourmet food.
22 Pet Products
24 Bed, Bath & Personal Care
26 Greeting Cards & Packaging
28 Atlanta Market Encourages Discovery
30 Easy Access to Product at Las Vegas Market
32 Employee Management
36 Business Briefs
40 Signs of the Times
44 Bittersweet & Ivy

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Smart Retailer March/April 2023

10 New & NoteworthyAn Array of Ideas Check out these unique products to spark the attention of your customers.
16 Patriotic & Made in USA
24 Children & Babies
28 Candles & Scents
32 Wholesale Cash & Carry
44 Five Habits of Successful, Independent Retailers
48 Use Social Media To Anticipate Trends
50 Business Briefs
54 Scent-sational Shopping
58 Down To Earth Home, Garden & Gift
ON THE COVER: Organic soy wax melts from Classic Farmhouse Candles

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Smart Retailer January 2023

12 Fresh Ideas
18 Farmhouse, Primitive, Folk Art & Country
22 Garden & Outdoor
26 Pet Products
52 Blooming Beauty
62 Thyme In A Basket
28 Atlanta Winter Market Programming
30 Gift for Life Raises Record Funds
32 How To Prepare for the Winter Market Season
36 Las Vegas Winter Market Programming
38 What Generation Z Really Wants From Retailers
42 Find Makers With an Open Call Event
46 Business Briefs
52 Blooming Beauty
62 Thyme In A Basket
ON THE COVER: Kurt S. Adler’s Christmastime theme

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Smart Retailer December 2022

10 A Bit of Everything
22 Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter & Inspirational Items
28 Wedding
30 Personal Care
16 Winter Show Preview
32 Five Things Retailers Should Know Going Into the New Year
36 Want To Find Makers for Your Store?
38 Business Briefs
42 Things Are Looking Up!
46 Green Springs: Focusing on American Made and Fair Trade
ON THE COVER: Gnome bunnies from the WT Collection are a perfect home décor addition in the spring.

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