By Carolyn Edlund

Do you know why your customers are buying from you? Is it your products—the style and quality of your inventory? Look deeper and you will find that there are many other factors in making a sale that you can use in building your sales volume.

It’s no secret that emotions are powerful factors that move people into action and cause them to make a purchase. To increase your sales, you must understand and appeal to them emotionally. There are many other retailers out there with wonderful offerings.

Why will that customer choose you?

  1. Make them feel uniquely special. Smile and truly welcome your customer. Exchange pleasantries without going to a hard sell first. Your attitude must be one of friendly service and interest in them.
  2. Offer lots of information. Consumers look for trustworthy, knowledgeable individuals to educate them on a purchase. Trust is the most important factor leading to long-term relationships and repeat sales.
  3. Customers need to be involved in the decision. Help them by using sensory techniques. If possible, place the object being considered in their hand. This not only offers touch, but a sense of ownership, which you should encourage. Say, “Your new earrings will look wonderful with that outfit.” Encourage shoppers to touch a fabric, handle and listen to products, taste or smell the products if appropriate.
  4. Tell the story. How did you decide to carry this product in your store? Stories are a powerful connector which will become “part of your product,” and the buyer will retell those stories when showing their purchase to others.
  5. Make realistic promises. Taking a special order for a customer? Be honest about the time frame and make sure you follow up. Contact them after the order to thank them again, and reassure them about their order, but don’t over-promise. Be realistic, and then exceed their expectations!
  6. Provide a high level of service. Show respect for them and for their time by being on time for any appointments you may have set up. If you are late, call. Be consistent with a quick response, and keep them well-informed.

All of these techniques lead to building trust, which of course is why your customers will continue to buy from you and refer others to you. They expect value in your products, and they also want to feel valued. Understanding why your customers are really buying from you will enable you to grow sales volume and create long-lasting profitable relationships.