The world of bath and beauty products has long catered to women and still does in many ways. A plethora of natural and high-quality scents abound now more than ever before. Traditionally, skin-care products were designed to appeal to the fairer sex, but in recent years, some lines have sought to appeal to both.

An emerging trend in bath and beauty is flipping the paradigm on its side, with interesting and innovative products designed specifically for men. “There’s an increasing interest in body- and skin-care products among men — especially urban millennials,” said Ann Miller, owner of Summer House Natural Soaps. In fact, reports that from 2007 to 2012, the market intelligence agency, Mintel, found that the men’s personal care and beauty category increased by 70%.

Additionally, regardless of gender, consumers are demanding the products that touch their skin be made from wholesome and natural ingredients. There is no shortage of fabulous and healthy products on the market today to give your customers the best bath and body products they crave!

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