Effective June 1st, 2019, Craft House Designs is excited to announce that it will be rebranding under the name Col House Designs. With this name change, Col House Designs strives to further stand out in the industry for its unique approach to home decor while embracing its roots as a local, small business in central Ohio.

The rebranded name celebrates “Col” both as an abbreviation for its home city of Columbus, OH and the word’s meaning as a pass between mountains. A “col” symbolizes the connections between people and ideas; likewise, as Col House Designs, the company will continue to lead the industry by providing fresh, farmhouse style to its customers to help them connect creatively with their homes’ stories.

About the Company:

Col House Designs is a young wholesaler and retailer that operates under the trained eye of Tara Parker, who grew up alongside its parent company, CWI Gifts. The company now builds on that homemade legacy for a total of over 40 years’ worth of experience helping customers and providing home decor for the modern farmhouse.

For more information, or to follow Col House Design’s story, find the company online or on social media at www.colhousedesigns.com, Facebook, and Instagram.