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Ideas to help your customers find the perfect presents

In retail, the economy goes up and down but one thing stays true: people will always buy gifts. They might spend more or spend less, but they’ll always buy something. With the holiday season fast approaching, this is the time to find items that will delight customers looking to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. Here are some concepts to keep in mind while at Market:

Me, Myself and Fine – Across generations, more people are choosing to live alone which prompts a wealth of opportunities for products designed for one person. From single serving sizes to positive messaging, single consumers are choosing to spend time on their own and invest in their own happiness.


Me myself fine - Indaba Trading


Digital Detox – Retro style gadgets and gifts help provide a more authentic experience than always being online. When consumers require high-tech function but want something in a familiar form, it presents a chance for creative companies to come up with ideas. Polaroid cameras, turntables, real books – sometimes even the illusion of being disconnected can be comforting.


Digital Detox - Kikkerland - clock


Rainbow Connection – Heading into fall and winter, we all enjoy bright colors, especially after a year filled with neutrals and gray tones. Rainbows are lighting up shelves, stores, homes, menus and closets. In an Instagram world, technicolor products inspire both sharing and smiling. Consider exploring a color story to build a creative, colorful display collection and maybe brighten someone’s day.


rainbow connection - French Bull


Be Well – We all have jam-packed lives, often with little time for introspection or personal care. Products related to nourishment of body and mind can be a gift to another or to yourself to help build life balance. There’s such an array of options ranging from aromatics to mindfulness jewelry to relaxation masks to healthy snacks to, well, brand new ideas we’re just learning about.


Be Well - European Soaps


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Images courtesy of 1. Kikkerland, 2. Compendium, 3. Papaya!, 4. French Bull and 5. Rock and Rollit

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