Best of the Web October: Holiday Sales Advice for Retail Stores


The top articles we thought you’d want to read this month pertaining to holiday sales.

Retail Dive Advice: Deck the halls in subtle ways

Retail Dive wrote this article about creating the holiday mood. This article discusses the fact that creating a holiday environment is more difficult and nuanced than you would think. It also states that you can overdo it.

Millennials (yes Millennials) will be shopping brick-and-mortar this holiday season

Retail Dive penned this article stating that millennials prefer brick-and-mortar stores more than baby boomers. It’s baby boomers who are more likely to buy online, according to a study from consumer engagement firm First Insight.

NRF predicts an increase in holiday sales

The National Retail Federation released this study stating that holiday sales should increase about 4 percent. 

NRF 5 Things that Might Surprise You

Five Things That Might Surprise You This Holiday Season


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