The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) will coordinate a national Independents Week campaign over the Fourth of July, as it does each year, to “engage local independent businesses and citizens in celebrating entrepreneurial spirit and the freedom our local businesses embody.” AMIBA provides a wide array of free graphic templates for many uses. Users may also submit their own creations for others to use. AMIBA only requests that businesses mention AMIBA somewhere in their material.

To view and download materials, visit the AMIBA site at

Studies and Data

In addition to providing promotional ideas on its website, AMIBA also supplies studies that show the economic importance of independent businesses. Reports include the following:

  • Accurately Explaining the Multiplier Effect
  • Ten Local Studies Show Big Benefits from Choosing Local
  • Key Studies on Independent vs Chain Retail (Institute for Local Self Reliance

 Independents Week Overview Webinar
Find this helpful AMIBA webinar at the link above. The webinar provides an overview of elements of Independents Week, including:

  • Events and activities participants have included
  • What’s worked and hasn’t
  • The benefit to a participating group beyond the campaign
  • How to make the campaign revenue-neutral – or even -positive
  • How AMIBA helps you

Link the phrase Independents Week on your website to help spread the word.