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The 4 Financial Metrics You Should Look at During Tax Time

By Amanda Abella

Whether you’re just starting your taxes or you’re already done, now is the time to evaluate these four key financial metrics:

  1. Gross Revenue Vs. Net Profit
  2. Return on Investment
  3. What’s Not Working Anymore
  4. Taxes

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Retail Hiring Increases in February

By Gina Acosta

The retail industry added a better-than-expected 46,400 jobs in February, the National Retail Federation said. The February increase was more than four times the gain of 10,800 jobs seen in January over December. Economy-wide, average hourly earnings in February increased by 68 cents – 2.6 percent – year over year.

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Best iPhone Recovery Software

By Rob Starr, Small Business Trends

Your phone is more than the way you text your children or parents. It also holds a LOT of your critical business information. Rob Starr from Small Business Trends created this list of software to consider in case you need to recover your iPhone.

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