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EMV Chip Cards Not Having Much Impact on Fraud

By Liz Parks

Retail losses from fraud are continuing to increase despite the introduction of EMV chip cards that were supposed to dramatically reduce credit card fraud, according to a new study from LexisNexis which was interpreted for an article by The study seems to indicate that fraud is being pushed online to some degree, but overall, EMV chip cards are not resulting in an improvement in fraud.

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7 Steps to Better Customer Service Via Employees

By Micah Solomon

Consultant Micah Solomon wrote these seven tips to improving your customer service by training and supporting your employees in better ways, and hiring a different type of employee in the first place. Read the entire list of seven tips at the link below. Source:

How to Help a Troubled Employee

By Young Entrepreneur Council

In an article published by, the Young Entrepreneur Council gathered advice from 10 professionals about how to help a troubled employee. The ideas ranged from taking them to lunch to creating a “safe space” for them at work.

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The Secret Ratio of Customer Reviews

By Andrew Thomas, Skybell Video Doorbell

How many positive reviews does it take to overcome a bad one? Andrew Thomas of Skybell Video Doorbell produced his own study and published it.

Learn how many people need to bring positive vibes to your company if only one has a negative experience. Source: