With the coming of fall, shoppers gravitate to an array of orange-saturated designs and splendid seasonal delights. Plump pumpkins and slinky black cats can be spotted on every form of collectible and home décor. It’s the time of year when the trees put on a fashion show, their leaves turning colors, and then gracefully tumbling to the ground. Customers will respond enthusiastically to the “hocus pocus” that abounds everywhere.

Beaded Jack-o-LanternMaple Leaf NightlightNight Lights and LED Delights

Midwest Seasons is making sure that its spark of creativity chases away the darkest gloom. Its Maple Leaf Night Light is acrylic and features an on/off switch. Its Beaded Jack-O’-Lantern Night Light is made the same way. Both gift-boxed creations are slated to ship in spring 2016. Also on hand are lighted LED Halloween surprises. The frightfully fun Halloween Scene Mini Shimmers put a new face on the old-fashioned snow globe creations. Ghosts, Scaredy Cats, and Haunted Houses will chill and thrill. Available as a set of three, the lighted LED Spider Suction Cups are guaranteed to spin a web of charm.
Midwest Seasons

Bottle of BooBottle of Boos and Halloween Bulbs

Talk about a surprising play on words! Roman’s best-selling LED Bottle of Boos is a must-have at every October get-together. Forget the vodka or the whiskey; here are spirits perfectly suited for Halloween partying. The little floating ghosts are lit by the LED inside the bottle. It measures 13.25″ high and includes batteries. The LED Halloween bulbs (pictured at the top of article) appear to be neon lights that flicker and prance within. Each bulb stands 3.25″ high and includes batteries. The four kinetic characters include an arched-back cat, a jovial ghost, a waving skeleton, and a festive Jack-O’-Lantern.