In a digital age, customers can strengthen their most important relationships through old-fashioned mail.

By Carie Ferg

In this modern world populated by digital interruptions, stationery, cards, and gift books have become scarcer, yet more meaningful and heartfelt compared to their impermanent and less evocative digital counterparts. And the designers of these paper goods are aware of the meaning their creations can lend to important moments in time. If anything, specialty paper and book design is more colorful, more creative, more tactile, and more poignant than ever—serving in stark contrast to our pixel-flooded realities.

Contemporary card designers tend to leverage white space juxtaposed with intricate fonts. They also showcase short and punchy phrases and simplistic color palettes. For instance, card and stationery designers favor using several hues from the same color, rather than a handful of different colors. Large photos and illustrations and even custom screen-printing have also taken center stage. As if in response to the digital age, some card designers have returned to crafting one-of-a-kind handmade pieces, with a quality and uniqueness that a printing press just can’t compete with. And an eco-friendly approach to the production of paper products has continued to gain steam. Custom sizes are also trending in the card market and are used to set an already distinctive card further apart from the standard greeting card size that reigned in popularity for so many years.

Along with the evolution of paper products, luxe pens have continued to trend up, taking the personalized aspect of a handwritten note or card to the next level. From high-end handmade pens made on lathes, to calligraphy pens featuring modern, neon hues, there are limitless options on the market to lend that final touch to beautiful cards, stationery, and envelopes.

Creative and soulful stationery, cards, and accessories invite our customers to take a break from the stream of digital interactions that now define their lives—the hurried texts and emails, the thoughtless Facebook status updates. There is something personal and heartfelt about a hand-written note, gracing a tactile and beautiful card or piece of paper. So encourage your customers to put down the mobile device and pick up a pen to celebrate a meaningful moment with a meaningful someone, who will no doubt appreciate the time they took to communicate in a more personal way.