Ivystone Group has inked a unique agreement with kathy ireland Worldwide (kiWW) to expand into the gift specialty market. Ivystone Group’s partnership with one of the country’s most powerful brands includes exclusive national representation of six newly licensed kiWW partners. The products range from baby gifts to resort wear.

“The Ivystone Group is innovative, entrepreneurial, exciting, and powerful. We are honored that this special company will lead sales for our firm in the gift channel,” said Kathy Ireland, CEO and chief designer of kiWW.

“Ivystone is thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with kathy ireland Worldwide in this effort to bring Kathy’s design vision to the specialty retailer,” said Doug Cofiell, CEO of Ivystone Group. “Kathy’s mission statement of providing solutions for families, especially busy moms, fits perfectly with our core group of gift retailers.”

Coordinated product offerings from kathy ireland Baby, Toddler and Kids by Imagine, kathy ireland Candles by A.I. Root, kathy ireland Expressions by Crown Jewelz, kathy ireland Resort by The Royal Standard, kathy ireland Chocolate by Bloomers Candy, and kathy ireland Loved Ones by Worldwise Pet were introduced in January 2014 at the Ivystone showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, and Las Vegas.

Ireland and her namesake company support many nonprofits, including YWCA, Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the Dream Foundation.