Glory Haus, Inc., has announced the creation of their new “Grateful Heart” collection in partnership with reality-TV celebrity Trista Sutter. Sutter gained fame as the first bachelorette on ABC’s blockbuster program The Bachelorette. During this series, Trista found love with firefighter Ryan Sutter. After ten years of marriage, they are one of the few couples from the franchise still enjoying their “happily ever after.” Together with Glory Haus, Sutter is creating a signature product line of wall art, picture frames, a journal, pillows, and an “Appreciation Jar.” Sutter’s new book, Happily Ever After –The Life Changing Power of a Grateful Heart, debuted in time for Thanksgiving, 2013. The book can be ordered from the Grateful Heart collection.

“I have been a Glory Haus fan for years and a gift enthusiast for even longer and could not be more thrilled to be partnering with Glory Haus and continuing to spread the message of gratitude found in my book,” Sutter said. In addition to the current offerings, a jewelry line and more home décor items will be released.

“With the acquisition of two very successful and creative product brands, the launching of our partnership with Trista Sutter, and the bolstering of our existing Glory Haus line, we are so excited about what 2014 has in store. We can’t wait to introduce these new products to our wonderful retail accounts and consumers,” said Molly Holm, owner and CEO. “Trista and Glory Haus are perfectly aligned, for grateful hearts exist in both.”

Glory Haus, Inc., is a faith-based manufacturer of whimsical, inspirational, collegiate and functional products. Based out of Marietta, GA, they have been creating, designing, and selling products since late 2008.

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