Whether he’s Dad, Pop or Grandpa, he’ll be at the top of your customers’ gift lists.

Remind customers that Father’s Day is just around the corner with this attention-grabbing sign featuring that special man’s many names. Just follow these easy instructions:

1. Spell out “DAD” with chipboard letters. Ours are 13 inches tall, but you can use any size you like.

2. Dress up your letters. Using scrapbook paper in a variety of black-and-white patterns, trace each letter and then cut it out with scissors. Generously apply spray adhesive to the back of the paper, place the paper on the letter, and then gently smooth it out. (Note: If your scrapbook paper isn’t large enough to cover your entire letter, you can add more paper, but be sure to line up the pattern.) Dip a cosmetic sponge in black paint and highlight the edges of each letter to create a more finished look.

3. Add a mustache to the “A.” We were lucky enough to find a large mustache made of chipboard, but if you aren’t, you can cut out a simple mustache pattern from thin wood or foamboard. Paint the mustache black, and attach it to the front of the “A” with short screws, hot glue or hook-and-loop tape. If you use screws, just make sure they don’t go through the front of the mustache.

4. Create matching plaques. Purchase five unfinished wood plaques in different shapes, and paint them black. For each plaque, cut a piece of scrapbook paper that is a few inches larger than the outside of the plaque. Place the paper faceup on top of the plaque, and run your finger along the raised edges of the plaque to crease the paper. Rub a piece of chalk at an angle along the creases/raised edges to create a chalk outline of the shape. Cut out the outline, and brush away the chalk lines. Generously apply spray adhesive to the back of the paper, place the paper on the plaque, and then smooth it out.

5. Spell out his other names. Measure your plaques, and use a word processing program to spell out names, such as Daddy-O, Big Daddy and Papa, in different fonts and sizes that will fit your plaques. Print out the names in black on white paper. Cut a rectangle around each name, leaving some white space around the letters. Use spray adhesive to attach each name to the center of the plaque.

6. Hang them up! Attach picture hangers or hook-and-loop tape to the letters and plaques, and hang them together on the wall to draw attention to your fabulous Father’s Day gifts.