Soapers use natural ingredients to develop the perfect ensemble

By Jackie Adamany

Helga Soave studied chemistry in Germany, came to the United States, and became an Esthetician. Her inability to provide the perfect blend of skincare for her customers caused her to take a hard look at the industry. Soave explains, “I was surprised to find that most products contained a large proportion of artificial ingredients. Natural skincare is common in Germany, so I took matters into my own hands and decided to make my own formulations.”

“Because we are so trained to judge products by their scent, I formulated my products to accept additional ingredients, and let the customer create a scent combination of their own. This also allowed me to add herbal blends enabling me to address any skin issues.” This approach supported Soave to meet the needs of her clientele. For five years she sold exclusively via the wholesale route to stores nationwide and has recently opened up her own retail store. Soave knows her customers come to the store to create their special blend, which they can then continue to order online. Soave believes that customization of skin care products is the next big trend in the industry, and she plans to add additional locations where customers can create their special blends.

Soave knows that selling bath and body products can be a difficult path. Getting past the hurdle of selling a product online, which many prefer to smell and sample first, works best if you allow your customers to create and curate their favorite scent combinations.

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