Survey shows most of our readers don’t believe the upside is worth the risks or the learning curve

Three-quarters of retailers who responded to our recent survey said they are not carrying CBD products in their store, while among the few who are, those stores aren’t offering a large selection.

Retailers who are carrying CBD

Top responses from our survey included several replies from retailers whose concerns were assuaged when they started using the products themselves.

Greg Elliott
Studio 24E

Glen Burnie, MD

Why do you carry CBD products?
“Because we are a lifestyle boutique that stays on the top of trends. They’re are many benefits to CBD that our customers can appreciate.”

What kind of CBD products do you carry?
Health-related and skin care.

Do you have any concerns about the quality or effectiveness of these products?
“No, I personally use them (the brands) and we only carry high-end, quality lines that we have done extensive research on.”

Brandy Boyd
BMB Designs

Bartlett, Tenn.

“I carry a pain roller that works great on hands because metalsmiths abuse their hands with the work we do. I use it myself so I carry it to allow my students to have the option.”

Do you have any concerns about associated stigmas that might affect customer perception of your store?
At first, i was worried that people might think i was a ‘druggie’ as there is a bit of stigma associated with the products. But as more states legalize all cannabis products, and as more and more CBD shops have opened in my area, there’s not been a negative response. And once people try it and see that it does help, it really takes away a lot of the doubt.”

“I used it at a trade show while listening to the vendors and noticed several hours later that I wasn’t limping!”

Melissa Carmody
Islands Ace Hardware

Savannah, Ga.

Responses from retailers who aren’t carrying CBD products

There were dozens of replies from store owners who aren’t carrying CBD products. We won’t quote them all, and the answers were so duplicitous and similar that we won’t even name the person who said it — virtually every one of these answers was stated in multiple ways by respondents.

To stock in a gift shop devalues the medicinal part.

I use them but am not sure of safety for sale.

I have considered it but between it being cost-prohibitive and just not knowing enough about the product to sell it, I declined.

“Several reasons:
1) I’m just not going there.
2) It’s way too new to know what is quality and what is not
3) Everyone is carrying them, go get them elsewhere, lol”

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