As retailers across the country begin to plan for a safe reopening, Target created a package of helpful resources for you to use. 

It’s called the SAFE Retail Toolkit, and it includes templates and guides for employee health screening, store cleaning protocols, employee and customer safety measures. 

The team that created the materials used learnings and insights from Target’s pandemic response efforts. Now they are sharing the toolkit with businesses across the country. 

Take a look – adapt the policies that Target is using to work in your store and use the non-branded printed signs to help communicate new store hours, social distancing requirements, and other safety measures you are putting in place to protect the safety of your employees and your shoppers. While there is Target branding on many pages and what their policies are, they have removed all the Target branding and anything that refers to Target in all of the printable pages which ANY retailer can use.

Print the pages out that you want to place in your stores or backroom. It is polished, professional and all you have to do is fill in your specific information. 
Thank you to Target who is sharing the resources they have with all retailers who do not have the bandwidth to create such a professional package.