Pillar Candles at the Market Square Show The June Market Square show in Oaks is known for quality unique products making this show a must for store owners. This is the one place where storeowners can find wonderful treasures for their store; intricate jewelry, detailed artwork, exquisite floral pieces, hand dipped candles or handcrafted furniture pieces. Buyers find products that they just cannot find at the larger gift shows making their store special.

Buyers know that Market Square offers them the opportunity to meet the actual artists, designers and creators of the products that are showcased at the show.  “It is what makes Market Square so different and unique and what separates us from the other shows,” states Kathy Goodrich, Show Promoter.  “This show since its inception has been the one place where you can meet and speak with the creator of the actual product and you can carry their stories into your store,” she continued.  Throughout the years this show has maintained the strongest artist represented exhibitor community in the nation.

The Market Square Order Writing Show opens along with The Gallery on Monday, June 13th.  The Buyers Cash & Carry opens on Tuesday, June 14th.  On Monday, June 13th buyers can attend a complimentary hands-on workshop with Laney Landis who will be presenting a hands-on Decorative Painting and Graining Workshop.  Experience artist demonstrations up close, as you watch exhibitors create and engage in an informal conversation about the artistic process. For more information you can call Market Square at 717-796-2377 or visit their website at marketsquareshows.com or on Facebook.

Upholstered Chair at Market Trade Show