These quick and easy props will get customers in the mood for spring shopping.

Get shoppers ready for spring planting and outdoor decorating by adding a few of these quick and easy ambience-adding accents to your garden displays.

1. Hang colorful umbrellas from the ceiling with pretty ribbon or (almost) invisible fishing line to draw attention to your garden section from afar.2. Add rainy-day whimsy by using hot glue to attach flat-sided glass pebbles to lengths of fishing line and hanging the lines from the points of the umbrella.

3. Think dual-purpose, and reassign a concrete birdbath as a planter. You could also use the top of a birdbath as display space for small products.

4. Plant seeds of inspiration with vintage seed-packet images enlarged and glued to wood sticks. Gather the sticks in an assortment of metal watering cans embellished with paper-ribbon bows.

5. Spell out your theme with chipboard letters covered in scrapbook paper. Overlap the letters, screw them together from the back, and attach a ribbon hanger.

6. Use rain boots as simple and stylish holders for everything from single-stem flowers to plant markers. They come in all sizes and every design imaginable.

7. Transform a garden hose into a decorative wrap for a potted plant. Just set the pot inside the coil and tie a ribbon around the outside. Or, give your display extra dimension by uncoiling the hose and hanging it from your ceiling.

8. Trade in traditional shelving for clever containers such as shiny paint cans. Fill them with garden gloves, hand tools and other merchandise, or drop in flowers or potted plants.

9. Make a simple sign by spraying a photo frame’s glass with chalkboard paint. Attach a decorative chain to the back of the frame, and hang it from a tall birdcage holder or a shepherd’s hook.