Highlight colorful merchandise in this fun farmers’ market–inspired arrangement.

Join the popular farmers’ market trend right from your own store by building this fun farm-stand display to highlight colorful spring merchandise or fruit-and-veggie–themed products. Just follow stylist/designer Nancy Borsodi’s instructions:

For the base of the display, group together wood potting tables, shelving units or, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, a farm cart. Paint the pieces a bright spring color, or stain the wood for a more natural look.

Create a striped awning to hang overhead to enhance the theme. Purchase a section of wire closet shelving that is the same length as your grouping of tables or shelving units underneath.

Measure the length of your shelf, and mount wall clips that will support each end as well as one or two clips evenly spaced in the middle. Attach the back of the shelf to the clips.

Have another person help you hold up the shelf to the angle you prefer for your awning. Using two lightweight 90-degree angle brackets, bend each bracket to your preferred angle, and screw them into the wall near each end of the shelf.

From above the shelf, put a screw with a washer through the hole in the bracket and secure with a nut underneath. Repeat for the other bracket.

Attach striped fabric that complements the finish of your tables or shelves. The fabric should cover your entire shelf, with excess on all four sides. (Note: You can attach the fabric to the shelf with it hanging on the wall; however, it is easier to take down the shelf and then rehang when finished.)

Sew two (or more) widths of fabric together to accommodate the length of your shelf. Be sure to match up the stripes, and pin the fabric in place before sewing the pieces together.

Fold under the back edge to create a hem, iron for a crisp edge, and attach the fabric to the top of the shelf with foam double-stick tape.

Fold the front edge under, leaving enough for about a 4-inch overhang, iron for a crisp edge, and attach the raw end underneath with regular double-stick tape.

Fold the excess fabric on the sides under the shelf, and secure it to the underside of the shelf with foam double-stick tape.

To make a “Market” sign, print oversize letters on paper, cut them out, and attach them to the top of the awning with spray adhesive. You could also stencil and paint the letters for a permanent sign, but you would need to do this before you attach the fabric to the shelf.

Gather market baskets or apple bushels in various sizes, and place them on the shelves to hold product. Wrap an apron around stacked bushels to give the display some life. Fill your shelves and baskets with plenty of bright spring merchandise.

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