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Article #1: Tops Tips for Maximizing AmericasMart Atlanta Market

Travel takes time and money, so when you visit a market at AmericasMart Atlanta, you need to maximize that investment. We’ve compiled the best advice we can find, starting with what AmericasMart says. Here is a summary of the best tips assembled in two different articles.

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1. Use the Market Magazine – floor plans, feature stories and advertising – to plan your trip

In summary, here are three links you need:

2. Start Building Relationships

The article linked to below has several great tips, leading with this one: – “Remember that you are the purchasing agent for your customer and not the selling agent for the manufacturer. Keep your consumer in mind.”

3. Make Writing Orders Your First Order of Business

Among our favorite pieces of advice in this section of the article:

– Don’t forget to do the retail conversion: sales in your store are always at retail prices. Always remember to “think retail.”
– Most importantly, follow the steadfast rule: buy what sells… not sell what you buy. Keep your consumer in mind.

4. Pack Smart
– Your business cards and registration details.
– A calculator.
– A simple appointment schedule.
– All credit information, including the name of your bank and financial trade references.
– Your resale business license or local sales tax number.
– A schedule of desired product delivery dates.
– Comfortable shoes to wear while walking the showrooms.

Read the full article below to get more tips for your Market visit.

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Past Attendees Give Advice for Attending AmericasMart

Considering whether you should go to Atlanta for AmericasMart? We asked retailers who made the trip for their advice.

Located in downtown Atlanta, AmericasMart houses the world’s single largest collection of wholesale home, gift, area rug, and apparel merchandise. Spanning more than 7 million square feet, it can be a bit intimidating for first-timers and is probably still a lot to take in for some veterans, so Smart Retailer has gathered advice and tips from people who have been there and done that.

Q. If you’ve been to AmericasMart Atlanta, what is your general advice regarding travel, staff, etc.?

“If you have a trusted business partner, divide and conquer. The market is huge, and you’ll need a detailed plan of action to accomplish your goals. Also, download the market app on your phone to make it easier.”
Maggie Hanus
A Wild Soap Bar, LLC

“Bring a trusted friend or co-worker. Your first trip to AmericasMart can be overwhelming. Your buying partner can help with notes, lists, etc.”
Terri Schuver
Sticks and Steel

“Book early. The cheapest and the best deals are through the AmericasMart site onPeak Never stay south toward the airport or at the airport and plan to take the MARTA. It’s not safe unless you are always in a large group. Find your rep in each showroom. Using them doesn’t cost you more. They can also tell you what sells best in your area and who else close by may have that product.”
Setys Kelly
Copper Willow Gifts

“Avoid driving in Atlanta if possible. The shuttle service to and from the Mart is a great perk as well. Uber costs less than a taxi. It’s important to book way ahead for the best rates.”
Barb Miller
Interior Expressions by Design, Inc.

“Plan your lunch early or late due to the long lines. Keep water and snacks with you. Eating dinner is a challenge due to long waits, so eat early rather than later. The shuttle buses are amazing but watch their operating times.”
Annette Conwell
Annette’s Emporium

Q. What is your advice for first-time attendees?

“Have a buying plan, often called an open to buy. Know how much you plan to buy at wholesale by category. Do not overspend. Have a list of vendors and lines by category. Walk the first day and take notes. Try to stay in the section that has the categories that you carry.”
James Nola
Maggie Lane

“However long you think you want to be at AmericasMart, add on one day or even two. You’ll be happy you did once you return back to your store.”
Gina Lempa
Gina Lempa & Associates

“Have a focus and a plan. Save one day to source new products and vendors. Download the Mart App to your phone. Pack a couple of snacks.”
Barb Miller
Interior Expressions by Design, Inc.

“Pre-shop showrooms prior to placing orders. It’s the key to building complete statements between multiple vendors. Preselecting what you want also makes it much easier for both you and your sales rep when you return to place your order.”
Richard Hahn
The 800 Shop at Northwest Community Hospital

“Have a rolling bag to put catalogs, handouts, and a bottle of water in. Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. This is not a fashion show; it is a test of endurance.”
Thelma Hamilton
Thelma L. Hamilton Designs

“Study the building maps, review the category layouts, and map out your agenda by building. Download and use the app. It will help you do your work prior to arrival.”
Annette Conwell
Annettes Emporium

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