By Anne Justmann

This month’s display is all about cheap and easy. We know store owners are busy people who are usually working on a slim budget, so here’s a fun, cheap, easy display for Halloween. (And if you made our “doll” from last issue, you can use her again!

You will need…

  • A card table
  • A large tree branch
  • A five-gallon bucket filled with sand or kitty litter
  • A can of black spray paint
  • A large piece of black cloth (a black sheet or plastic will work too)
  • Assorted old boxes, pails, cans, etc whatever you’ve got!
  • Duct or packing tape
  • Fake spiderwebs
  • And if you have an old washtub or cauldron that is great to add to your display!

1. Go find a large tree branch. Gnarly and sticky looking. Try
to find one that has branches that will extend over your table. If the branches don’t fall just right, add an extra branch or two by taping or hot glueing them on the main branch.

tree branch

2. Spray the branches “flat” black with your spray paint.

branch and spray paint

3. Stand your tree branch in the 5 gallon bucket of sand.



bucket 2

4. Assess the merchandise you want to display on your table.
Be sure to choose items of different size and height to make the most effective display. Try putting the table at an angle for a better placement. Also see if there is anything you can hang in your tree and what your “witch” can wear or hold.


5. Once you know what you are displaying, assemble an assortment of boxes that you can stack in step patterns for your items to sit on. Try a couple different ways until it looks good and you know where each item will sit.


6. Now use your tape and tape the boxes to the table so they can’t accidentally be pushed or moved.

boxes stacked

7. Cover the table and boxes with your black cloth.

black cloth

8. Put your tree in one corner next to table and your “doll” in the other corner.

9. Now use the cobwebs and pull and stretch between the tree table and doll. Keep in mind where you are placing your merchandise.

10. Hang and place your items and you’re all set!