Guidance for retailers on reopening stores

Summarized from the NRF website:

Operation Open Doors – Path to Reopen Retail, led by NRF and Seyfarth LLP, is providing guidance and tools that NRF members can use as they navigate opening stores after this international health crisis. Areas for guidance on gradual reopenings include logistics, social distancing and safety issues, and how to bring employees back to the workforce.

Operation Open Doors Checklist

Explore the Operation Open Doors Checklist, an outline of key topics to consider as retailers seek to reopen operations. The checklist and select other Operation Open Doors resources will be available to the public for a limited time before they become members-only resources. Click here for information about NRF membership.

Resource Downloads

Resources are being developed in the following areas. Check back often for the latest additions.

COVID-19 Logistics (members-only)
Access to property (including mall and landlord issues), inventory cleaning and management, protocols for soft openings, obtaining cleaning supplies and PPE

COVID-19 Social Distancing and Safety Issues (members-only)
Policies surrounding PPE, temperature checks, voluntary testing, social distancing for both employees and customers

COVID-19 Returning Employees – Legal Issues (members-only)
How to bring people back from furlough and layoffs, and surrounding legal issues

COVID-19 Liability Issues (members-only)
Negligence, workforce laws, state and local laws of which to be aware

These resources are being developed by a broad mix of retail brands and professionals. If you would like to be involved, please sign up here.

Coronavirus Restrictions by State 

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