It’s a development that would make the Flintstones smile! Rocks, stones, pebbles, and granite are among the textures that are inspiring designers and consumers alike. Here are some recent finds that are ready to rock and roll your shop!

Pebble Placemats
Original molded design, inspired by stones found on the beach

pebble placemats

Forever Bouquet
Natural stone arrangement that doesn’t wilt or die
Features upcycled granite base, hand-polished stems, natural beach stones
Sea Stones

forever bouquet

Mother Goose Fairy Door
Aged stone sculpture by George Carruth
Also available in natural, designer white, green, and terra cotta
Carruth Studio

mother goose

Cheese Stone
Place it in the oven to warm a soft cheese
Store it in the freezer to serve edibles cool
Karen Alweil Studio

Cheese Stone

10-Bottle Holder
Made from all-natural ocean and river stones in New England
Funky Rock Designs