What are your most effective strategies for recruiting employees?

The responses this week show just how difficult it is to attract good employees. You’re not alone. Other stores are having the same problem. The common theme that runs through these suggestion is to be proactive. Look for good potential employees among your customers and within the businesses that you visit. Even if you aren’t hiring at the moment, you’ll have a good head start if you have a sudden opening, and those prospects may come to you later if they’re not happy where they’re currently working.

“Customers who come in and love the store. I put a note in their info. and when I need someone, I refer to my POS system for interested people.”
Jeanne Renick
Savoring Thyme
West Bend, WI

“Honestly, I don’t know the best, and we are struggling with it! With unemployment at a 50-year low, and we need staff, we just can’t find anyone. We don’t even get that many people applying!”
Tina Miller
Walkabout Outfitter
Lexington, VA

“Facebook seems to be the most effective, although it is not really that effective. It is getting harder and harder to find people who actually want to work the hours that retail demands. Nobody wants to work weekends, holidays, or after 3:00. They say they do when you interview them but then when it comes to actually working they want those times off. Very frustrating.”
Bernadette Pegorsch
Main Street Marketplace
Waupaca, WI

“Recruit customers (of your choosing)! Vet applicants through social media. Keep an open mind! Look for exceptional customer experience where you shop, dine, or have appointments — you never know if someone is looking for more hours or a change of place. You can hand them a business card and tell them stop by if they are ever interested.”
Samantha Moore
Simple to Sublime
Summerville, S.C.

“Look for someone with good people skills.”
Liz Krogh
Liz’s Salon
Faribault, MN