Here are some of the responses from our latest survey, which asked readers what strategies they use to retain employees.

The original version of this article included a quote that was not appropriate because it offered age-related incentives. We apologize for not removing that quote initially.

“For all, opportunities for personal growth. We send all staff to events like Global Leadership Summit to empower them to grow personally. And lastly, an espresso machine. ROI has been wonderful!”
Jason Gerber
Blue Pomegranate Gallery
Omaha, Nebraska

“They receive 35% off regular priced items. We give bonuses at the end of year, and we give them random small gifts throughout the year.”
Julie Stratton
The Black Lab Trading Co.
Bluffton, Ohio

“Positive feedback. Great environment. Better than average pay. Time off when they need it.”
Kim Leblanc
Evelie Blu Boutique
St. Cloud, Minnesota

“Before Christmas, a night out at a favorite restaurant. Large discounts on holiday gift purchases. Paid lunch occasionally during stressful times.”
Helen Ne
Antiques at the Green
Plymouth, Connecticut

“25% discount, flexible days/hours.”
Sue Graham
Oakhurst Giftworks
Oakhurst, California

“Flexibility within reason. I let them know that I want them to be there for the Kodak moments in their life. They still need to use vacation time, but they can leave for the school play in the middle of the day and come back when it is over. Most people don’t look back on their life and say, “I wish I would have worked more.”
Diana Jones
Smart Retailer