Submitted by Jellybean Rugs (Home Comfort, Inc.)

We are pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2020, Jellybean® Rugs will be acquiring all Homefires™ brand area and accent rugs.  This an exciting time for Jellybean® as we revitalize and reorganize our company and our products.  The bold move to bring all Homefires™ brands into Jellybean® will make our company more efficient and focused, while providing our great customers a single supplier relationship for all the products that they buy from both brands.  The added convenience of being able to source all our brands from one sales rep, website or customer service representative will be a welcome change for many of our customers.

The retail landscape is being reinvented as we speak, and we are looking forward to the challenges that these new opportunities and environments present.  The world of “online” shopping has injected various challenges to our traditional business roles, but it is also providing possibilities which are limited only by our imaginations.  Bringing all our brands under our well-loved and recognized Jellybean® brand is just one of the strategies that we will be embracing in 2020 and beyond.  Understanding and embracing the changes in the retail environment makes the changes in our own company feel more exciting and invigorating…as if we, too, are being reinvented. After being in business for over 40 years, it is very thrilling to anticipate the next 40.

We look forward to making this move in 2020 and welcome everyone to visit us at all the major gift shows around the country.  Our company showroom in located in Atlanta in Building 2, #787A. 

Renee Ringstad, President
Jellybean Rugs (Home Comfort, Inc.)