Smart Retailer Reader Survey Results: Gift Shop POS System Review

Email Survey Question: If you changed from a cash register to a POS system, were you happy with the results you’ve gotten? Was it worth the time and expense?

Survey Summary

Of the readers who responded, all but one thought a POS system was worth the cost and effort. (But keep in mind, it’s possible that there may be other unhappy users who didn’t respond.) Several respondents said they weren’t happy with a particular POS system but were very happy with another one. This reinforces the need to thoroughly research systems before choosing one.

Key Responses: Gift Shop POS System review

“Yes to both questions. Once the initial set-up is done. It becomes so easy for inventory as well as books.”

— Paul Anderson
Trail Head Outfitters and General Store
Orange, Massachusetts

“We were very pleased with the results. It was quite the task inputting the inventory into the POS system, but it was worth it. It does take some time to make sure you’ve got all of your inventory correct, prices, quantity, etc., and it will take a few months of “tweaking,” but once we got that done, it has worked very well! The system itself was fairly easy to learn. The capabilities of the POS are tremendous, so many reports! It has made a huge difference with ordering product, checking current inventory, and maintaining reports on sales, profit margins, etc. Wish we changed over a long time ago. If you have a store with a vast inventory, I would highly recommend switching!”
—Jessica Creammer
Montebello Country Store
Montebello, Virginia

“Yes, we have been very happy with the switch. We upgraded one of our locations five years ago and the second the following year. I believe the additional tracking and reports we are able to view are worth the additional cost.”

—Katherine Belczak
1880 Train
Hill City, South Dakota

“It was worth EVERY penny! And I would encourage retailers to do it sooner than later. The sales history is priceless in making buying decisions.”
—Terri Schuver
Sticks and Steel
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Yes…it’s worth it to track inventory. Also saves a lot of time at register…we used to hand write receipts.”

—C Wright
Roger S Wright Furniture, Ltd
Blooming Glen, Pennsylvania

“Very much so. Our POS system has revolutionized our business, providing insights and more into our sales, customer spending, and more.”
—Brian Powers
Brisco’s Coffee and Gifts
Burnham, Pennsylvania

POS Systems for Gift Shops
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