Minneapolis Mart Winter January 2023 Show Preview
Photo courtesy of TTHORN 

Minneapolis Mart 
January 20-24, 2023 
Minnetonka, Minnesota 

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What should an attendee always do or visit at your show? 

  • Along with working with your favorite sales agents, be sure to check out all our temporary vendor booths. Please enjoy the complimentary refreshments each morning and afternoon.  
  • Check in with the front desk and inquire about the lunch options. We bring in a variety of box lunches, and they can also provide restaurants that deliver to the Mart. 
  • Peruse the displays in the lobby and the window boxes in the entrances to each gallery each featuring a different showroom. 
  • Enter our daily drawings. Just fill out an entry for each order you place in any showroom and put your entries in the lobby drawing bin. 
  • Arrive early for a chance to receive a swag bag filled with goodies donated by various showrooms. Look in the bag before you leave as some showrooms offer an extra gift if you stop by their room. 

What are the most common questions you answer from first-time attendees?  

  • Is everything in this showroom one minimum dollar amount? No, we represent a variety of vendors, and each has their own designated minimum opening and reorder requirement but let us show you around and see if we can help. 

Give your best travel advice, “things to do” from a regional standpoint for first-time attendees

  • Attend a sporting event and check out some great restaurants that serve local/regional cuisines.  

For veteran attendees, what will they notice as being different and/or improved this year?  

  • More temporary vendors now offer our buyers a plethora of new options. There are new lines that have joined our permanent showrooms as well. 
  • Please double check that the email we have on file is current, so you get our updates and market hints. 

What makes you excited about 2023’s version of the show?  

  • Great new events planned for 2023. New venues in the MART and new concepts that will be added for our buyers to enjoy.