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Lemongrass scent is calming, refreshing, and inspiring. Candleberry selected this essential oil candle specifically for its powerful fragrant properties. Renew your space with the “just cleaned” fragrance of lemongrass.

Product Focus

New & Noteworthy:
12 A Sight for Sore Eyes

Fashionable eyeglass frames, handbags, jewelry, and more.

Counter Culture:
14 Back to Nature

Put on a happy face with natural face paint; handmade wood objects created from salvaged and reclaimed wood; a rose perfume fundraiser for autism; and art that celebrates inner health.

Trend Watch:
16 The Smell of Success: Lighting Up Sales With Candles

Candles are a core product for gift stores. You’ll find a wide range of wholesalers and styles here.

Country Charm:
24 A Salute to True-Blue Décor
Summer is right around the corner. Stock up on patriotic décor for the entire season, as well as the Fourth of July.

28 Joyful Celebrations for Babies and Kids
Baby showers, birthdays, Christmas, baptisms, and more. There are endless occasions for child-related gift purchases. We present some great ideas for your customers.

32 Doggone Good Gifts
Pet popularity is soaring, and pet-related product sales are following that trend. Don’t miss out on this prime revenue-producing category.

Business Sense

36 7 Steps to an Effective Website
Make sure your website doesn’t include these annoying design errors and user barriers that can drive potential customers to other stores.
Retailer Spotlight:

38 The Twelve Months of Christmas
Discover how Pat Hutchinson — a woman with a dream but no retail experience — created a thriving Christmas store in small-town Indiana.

Display & Design:
42 The Importance of Storytelling

Customers value the experience of shopping as much as the product, so it’s essential to display merchandise in a way that makes a connection with them.

Business Briefs:
Promote popups to boost business; required retail skills are changing in an evolving marketplace; take full advantage of your “About” page; try a low-cost, high-reward way to support local fundraising; shine a spotlight on Small Business Week, which will be celebrated nationwide April 29–May 5.

In Every Issue

6 Editor’s Note
10 Welcome Exchange:
Questions & Answers that Matter
47 Trade Show Calendar
49 Advertiser Index