Updated for 2022

Retail consultant Flora Delaney has created a social media calendar for gift shops to provide you with ideas and conversation starters when it comes time to engage your customers on social media.

Often your social media posts will consist of store news or store specials. But what if you just want to have some fun while creating interest in a certain product? Does Strawberry Ice Cream day give you an opportunity to market something in your store?

Besides the calendar itself, Flora mentions these other dates and events to personalize your social media calendar:
• First and Last Days of School
• School Vacations
• County and State Fair Dates
• Store Anniversaries
• City Events: fireworks, parades, homecoming, etc.
• Local Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball Games, (highs Schools, Colleges, AAA, Major
• Employee Birthdays & Anniversaries
• Farmer’s Market Openings
• Local Shopping Events
• Museum, Concerts, Plays dates
• Statehood date
• Last days to order to guarantee delivery for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day,
• New stock dates for Easter, Summer, Back to School, Halloween, Thanksgiving,
• New release dates for key items/artists you carry
• Countdown dates (100, 90, 50, 25 days until … School begins, school is out, Christmas,
Halloween, Spring begins, etc)

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This calendar has been updated for 2022. Changes include the addition of advice for each season.

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