By Nicole Leinbach

Juggling a business and personal time can be a challenge. In fact, Buddy Punch — a small-business scheduling technology software — recently reported that only 14% of entrepreneurs take an annual vacation.

This is disappointing considering it’s also reported by Allina Health that vacations are important for both an individual’s physical and mental health. Factor in how vacation time can influence relationships, family, motivation, and even job perfor­mance, and it is easy to understand the value vacations have.

Too often, busy retail operators fail to factor this into their year. Instead, they simply go, go, go. Sound familiar?

If vacations fall short on your to-do list, consider why. Then consider changing that reason to better support your overall well-being, including your business success.

A Shift of Perspectives

Believe it or not, a change of scenery does not always mean you are not working. Being somewhere new can often shift your perspective on things and bring clarity to many business challenges, decisions, and even opportunities. This is especially important if most of your days are spent in the same environ­ment, which is often the case for retail operators.

When looking ahead to see if a vacation is right for you, do not just look at why it will not work or cannot be afforded. Instead, look at why it should work and why you need to budget for it. Budgeting does not always equate to a dollar amount. Often, it is simply the budgeting of time.

Whether a staycation or a vacation, mentally choosing to take the time to get away from your work environment is key. This time offers numerous advantages, some of which are highlighted below.

  • Time away from your store can calm a mind that never seems to rest, which is an important health factor for any individual. Consider how this time can simply ease your mind of a seemingly never-ending store to-do list, and instead, open thoughts that support you in other ways. Whether it is practicing a hobby you rarely get to do or spending time with family or friends — or both — without feeling rushed, allocating time to mentally be somewhere else is key.
  • Positioning others to help care for your store may be a challenge, but it is this same challenge that can help you enjoy more time away in the future. Preparing store staff to support your business while you are away can take prep work and even patience, but it is critical to have these practices in place anyway. After all, emergencies and the unexpected can happen, so leverage vacations or staycations to prepare your store for operating in your absence.
  • Experiencing a change of routine can awaken your soul, creativity, and even your sales. Whether it is being inspired to bring a new business idea back to your store or feeling re-energized to return with more enthusiasm, mixing your routine up is well deserved. Lean into this approach to help you finally take the time for a vacation or staycation because — let’s face it — life is not waiting for you to make this decision. It will keep passing by, whether you choose to welcome time for yourself or not.
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