Overflowing with seasonal goodies, this horn of plenty will make a delightful autumn giveaway.

Celebrate autumn’s bounty by constructing an oversize cornucopia that you can fill with seasonal treats and then use as a database-building giveaway. Just follow these instructions:

1. Purchase a roll of chicken wire (poultry netting) that is at least 36″ wide. Put on protective gloves, unroll several feet of wire, and use metal shears to cut a piece that is 36″ x 48″.

2. Grasp two opposite corners of the cut piece, and overlap and tighten them to form a cone shape. (It may be helpful to practice with a sheet of paper before forming your wire cone.) Secure the overlapping pieces by folding over the cut wire edges. There will be a point remaining on the open end; fold it inward and secure. Twist the closed/pointed end upward to form a cornucopia shape. Fold over any remaining exposed cut edges.

3. Purchase 3 yards of 48″ wide burlap. Cut the fabric into 4″ x 48″ strips. Fray one long edge of each strip about 1/2″ by pulling out the lengthwise threads. Place a dab of hot glue on the end of one strip. With the fringe facing the closed end of the wire cornucopia, adhere the strip to the wire and wrap the fabric around the wire form, adding more glue as you wrap and overlapping the fabric by a couple of inches. Glue the end of the strip to the wire, and continue adding strips of fabric until you get past the open end. Fold the excess fabric to the inside of the open end and glue. Add more strips of fabric to cover the inside of the cornucopia.

4. Twine leaf-and-berry garland or other seasonal florals around the cornucopia.

5. Fill it with an assortment of autumn-inspired goodies, such as cookbooks, specialty foods and candles.

6. Display your creation in your front window, and encourage customers to sign up for a chance to win it. You’ll build your database and attract plenty of attention to your storefront.

Cookbooks: Gooseberry Patch, 877-854-7400, www.gooseberrypatch.com/wholesale.
Cider, bread mix:
McCutcheon’s Apple Products, 800-888-7537, www.mccutcheons.com.
Soup mixes: Cooke Tavern Soups, 866-422-7687, www.cooketavernsoups.com.
Kristin & Co., 800-433-0983, www.trmctaggart.com/candles.htm.