By Nicole Leinbach

Whether you identify as a large retail business, a small gift shop, or an average-sized store, you have one thing in common: Employees represent your respec­tive business.

More so, the employees you manage are the front-facing aspect of your company — and every company — when it comes to customer connectivity. Keeping this in mind, it is important to consider best practices for effectively managing your employees because they are, in fact, driving engagement with customers, influencing store sales, and even communicating about your business.

Among the most valuable ways to strengthen employee performance is to invest in employee management. This includes supporting them in their professional development, cultivating a strong communication policy among employees and management, and encouraging heightened responsibilities based on employee strengths.

Next are four ways to help boost employee management in your store to in turn boost employee performance and sales.

Idea One: Give Employees Access to Customer Data

Personalization can add significant value for businesses, with some reports finding consumers will pay more for this type of service. The opportunity for increased revenue and customer retention as a direct result of personalization is attractive, but more so is the idea of employees wanting to deliver this.

Among the ways to help achieve personalization is to give employees access to consumer data that brings transparency to their understanding of your store customers. Encourage them to review the data of historic store sales — both as a collective store and individual customer overviews, if available — as well as the real-time insights on inventory sold, bestselling items, email, other marketing campaigns, and more. Leveraging this data will then position employees to better understand your store, your goals, and, most importantly, your customers.

Idea Two: Increase Employee Reviews and Welcome Employee Feedback

A study by Tesla showed that engaged teams are 15% more profitable and 30% more productive than the average company. This should not come as a surprise, but how is that engagement delivered?

Lean into the behavior of your employees to learn what they like and dislike, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and more. Then take the time to review their performances based on your store responsibilities, these details, and what their personal goals are.

In addition to understanding your employees, consider what opportunities you may have that will help motivate them. If you make this a habit to do no less than biannually, your employees will regularly feel valued and heard.

Be sure to also welcome their feedback, suggestions, thoughts, and more both during these reviews and throughout the year. An open-door policy is a good way to encourage dialogue all year round — ultimately reinforcing employee behavior led by strong management.

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