Here are four reasons why providing great customer service is a benefit to your store team:

• They’ll enjoy their job more. When employees talk with the people who come into the store and help them make choices and purchases, the job feels more rewarding. Employees can directly tie their conversations to positive outcomes for the customer and the store.

• Their shifts will go by faster. For someone who is on their feet eight hours a day, it’s important that the day does not drag. Talking with customers, listening to their stories, and helping them build the purchase that will meet their needs is what makes the hours on the sales floor fly by.

• Their jobs will matter. When store associates are “in the zone” and they bounce from one customer to the next, they can change the course of a day for their customers. That encounter could be the best one the customer has in their entire day. Giving them a smile and saying something personal to each customer can really change their customer’s outlook.

• They can make it a game. Store associates who enjoy providing outstanding customer service make it a game. They say something unique and personal to each customer — to find some way to connect to each one. They try to find one additional thing to show each customer that they think will make them happy.

Training Your Team for Amazing Customer Service, August/September 2020 issue.