Here’s a creative twist for a holiday promotion. Hold a 12 Gifts of Christmas selling event. Choose 12 days (or 12 weeks) leading up to Christmas and plan on promoting a certain product during those specific days. The key to making it fun and clever is to choose 12 products that fit the 12 themes in the famous 12 Days of Christmas carol. So for instance, on the first day you could showcase products with pear motifs or even pear-ingredient specialty foods. You might have to think outside the box a little for some of the days, but that’s half the fun! Not only does this promotion get your customers and staff into the holiday spirit, it also creates a sense of urgency as those products will only be on sale during that specific day or week. You can create a calendar featuring each days’ promotions and post the calendar online, or you can keep it a bit of a mystery (they know you’ll have something related to golden rings on the fifth day, but what could it possibly be?)

To get you started, here are some ideas:

1st Day of Christmas — Partridge in a Pear Tree
• Towels, place mats or other kitchen linens with pear motifs
• Pear ornaments
• Pear-flavored jams or jellies
• Florals featuring birds or pears
• Pear-scented candles or lotions

2nd Day of Christmas — Two Turtle Doves
• Bird-motif home decor
• Bird accents
• Turtle candies
• Chocolate turtle cheesecake
• Jewelry with dove charms or icons

3rd Day of Christmas — Three French Hens
• Home accents with a French chicken theme
• French bread mix
• Aprons or table linens with a French waiter motif

4th Day of Christmas — Four Calling Birds
• Anything with a bird motif
• Cell phone cases or charms (especially if they have bird designs)
• Note cards or stationery with bird designs (calling cards if you will!)

5th Day of Christmas — Five Golden Rings
• Bagels or bagel chips
• Rings or necklaces with large hoops
• Golden-colored napkin rings

6th Day of Christmas — Six Geese a Laying
• Aprons, linens or textiles with geese designs
• Carved goose folk art
• Marbled eggs
• Cookbooks with egg recipes

7th Day of Christmas — Seven Swans a Swimming
• Swan figurines
• Swan ornaments
• Swan plush figures
• Swimming gear, such as cover ups or beach towels

8th Day of Christmas – Eight Maids a Milking
• Milk-chocolate specialty foods
• Bath milk bubble bath
• Old milk tins
• Cow folk art or plush figures
• Barn animal prints

9th Day of Christmas — Nine Ladies Dancing
• Ballerina prints
• Tutus or ballerina outfits for children
• Ballerina slipper flats
• Dancing music CDs
• Music boxes

10th Day of Christmas — Ten Lords a Leaping
• Celtic music CDs
• Irish jewelry
• Frog motifs
• Home accents with crown motifs

11th Day of Christmas — Eleven Pipers Piping
• Bagpipe music CDs
• Trumpet and brass music CDs
• Trumpet or horn ornaments

12th Day of Christmas — Twelve Drummers Drumming
• Drum ornaments or stands
• Marching band music CDs