Submit press releases for maximum exposure.

By Denise McGill

Generating press releases is an essential part of every company’s marketing strategy, and to gain maximum exposure, you must submit releases on a regular basis to a variety of media outlets.

You can submit press releases through traditional print channels such as newspapers, trade journals, newsletters and digests by e-mailing the editor. Many newspapers have an online presence and provide this information on their website. You can also submit them to Internet press release sites to gain online visibility. Here is a breakdown of places you can submit press releases.

• Industry Journals and Magazine. These press releases are viewed by industry peers and help to establish your company presence. Don’t know which trade journals are available in your industry? A simple Internet search or an inquiry sent to social networking peers will provide answers.

• Industry Websites. Similar to journals and magazines but often easier to get your press release published as websites are usually looking for more content more often. Do a search for “gift and home décor press releases” to see what sites might be available. As an added bonus, such a search will also uncover press releases submitted by other companies in your industry. You can read the type of stories they are releasing to generate more ideas of your own.

• Local Newspaper. Follow the template provided and e-mail in a Word doc to your local editor. You may have to follow up to see if the release has been accepted. Due to heavy volume, newspapers can be very selective. Make sure your press release is engaging and informative to be accepted.

• Chamber of Commerce. Often membership in your local chamber of commerce includes a press release welcoming and announcing your business to the community.

• Free Online Press Release Sites. These sites may or may not include distribution to news sites such as Yahoo or Google. These sites are good for providing a link back to your website.,,, and are prominent sites. These sites will also provide a ready-made template for submitting releases. An Internet search for “press release distribution sites” will provide a more extensive list and reviews of popular distribution sites.

• Paid Online Sites. Sites such as and are similar to the free sites as far as submitting a release, but offer more distribution options and greater exposure.