If you’re hosting an in-store event, it’s not enough to promote it solely through e-mail. To attract the most customers and thus maximize profit, it’s crucial to promote your event through a variety of channels. SnapRetail makes it easy to create a comprehensive marketing campaign with our cross-channel functionality.

Step 1: Create and Send Event E-mail

The first step in designing a marketing campaign is to create an e-mail. If you’re a SnapRetail member, you can choose one of SnapRetail’s ready-made templates or create your own from scratch. Prominently display the basic event information, such as date, time and location, within your e-mail. If your event is going to include special festivities, such as refreshments, live music, giveaways or product discounts, highlight these in your messaging. If possible, include images in your e-mail; pictures of last year’s event or photos of new product can build excitement! Create a catchy subject line and schedule this email to send 10-14 days before the in-store event.

Step 2: Design and Schedule Social Media Posts

Support your event e-mail with 5-7 social media posts. For SnapRetail members, the first post is easy. When scheduling their e-mail, they can simply select Facebook and/or Twitter as an additional delivery method. By doing this, they can seamlessly, select an image from their e-mail and create a custom message for each channel.

For the remaining social media posts, extract specific elements of your message and post these as teasers to your social media accounts. For example, if your event involves live music, create a social media post that says “Love music? Swing by Sarah’s Boutique on Thursday, May 23, for a FREE concert with local band Tucker & The Dogs!” Include a picture of the band or a YouTube link to a popular song. In addition to the social media posts, consider using unique aspects of each network in your marketing plan.

•   Facebook: Design a Facebook event and invite your customers to attend. Encourage fans to RSVP and to invite their friends.
•   Twitter: Create a Twitter hashtag to use in conjunction with your event. It can be a basic hashtag, such as #ShopSarahsBoutique or something related to the event, such as #SarahsCustomerAppreciation.
•   Pinterest: If Pinterest is your preferred network, create a board related to the event. You can include a variety of images, but things like new product arrivals, pictures of last year’s event and appetizer and drink recipes (that you’ll serve during the event) can all foster excitement.

Step 3: Post Signs in Store

While it’s important to contact your customers online, don’t neglect an opportunity to reach your in-store shoppers! Post signs about the event and have your employees talk it up during the checkout process. Use your POS system to generate a reminder note at the bottom of your receipts or include a printed note in each bag inviting your customers to attend. Be sure to direct customers to your social media pages for more information!

Step 4: Create and Send a Reminder E-mail

Send a reminder e-mail to your customers 2-3 days prior to the in-store event. This e-mail should be short and to the point. Prominently display the date, time and location, and call attention to a few of the event extras. Ideally, your customers should be able to read this entire e-mail without scrolling. If you’ve created any social tags, briefly mention them in this message.

Step 5: Relax 🙂

Developing and scheduling a marketing campaign is one of the best ways to drive foot traffic to an in-store event. The regular communication with your customers keeps your business fresh in their minds and builds excitement about upcoming events.

Sarah Obernauer is a marketing consultant at SnapRetail