Guide to Giving: How to Handle Charitable Requests (in Quotes)


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Smart Retailer columnist Jennifer Raines is working on a feature article about the charitable-giving strategies employed by small-business owners who are besieged by usually well-intended but seemingly endless requests for donations. Look for that article in an upcoming issue of Smart Retailer.

In the meantime … here are several of the quotes from our survey of retailers. We’ll leave the names off, and we’re not going to edit (much). We’ll just let you read, learn and enjoy.


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  1. Interesting to read other shops’ comments. We don’t receive request for gifts from our museum shop but are asked for hundreds of free admission tickets. We give to local schools, churches and fire companies. Each donation is accompanied by a letter reminding their members that if they only buy on line and not in brick & mortar stores, pretty soon they will have to ask on-line shops for donations for their cause. May not be read but it makes me feel better to say it.

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