Highlight your Easter goodies with moss-covered props that add touch-me texture to spring displays.

Add some natural pizzazz to a tabletop Easter display by covering props and other fixtures with moss. The overall green tone will highlight your Easter goodies, and the moss will provide a touch-me texture that will entrance shoppers. Just follow these instructions from stylist/designer Nancy Borsodi:

1. Purchase several sheets of moss with plastic-mesh backing. These can be found at hobby and craft stores. Purchase enough to cover your tabletop and several props, such as kraft boxes, cardboard letters and watering cans.

2. Lay down a few sheets of moss to create a base for your display. Adhere it to the table with double-stick tape.

3. Select a round kraft box that will become a riser for your display. Remove the lid, and place the bottom of the box on the mesh side of a moss sheet. Trace around the bottom. Meaure the height and circumference of the box, and trace a length of moss to fit. Cut out all of the pieces. Turn the box upside down, and use hot glue to adhere the moss circle onto the box. Turn the box on its side, and working in small sections, adhere the moss around the sides, making sure that there are no gaps in the moss.

4. Choose a cardboard letter, place it facedown on the mesh side of a moss sheet. Trace the outline of the letter about an inch larger than its actual size. Cut around your outline, and then cut some notches so the moss will easily wrap around the curves and corners of your letter. Working in small sections, wrap the moss around the letter, and adhere it with hot glue. Embellish your letter by gluing on a cute accent, such as a bird’s nest.

5. Find a watering can to fit your display, and cut pieces of moss to fit around the can. Adhere the pieces with hot glue, adding more moss to cover any gaps.

6. Now that you have your props covered in moss, build your display by adding a small bench and hanging a section of weathered fencing on the wall for height.

7. Add plenty of Easter decor and florals. Set items on and around the bench and riser, and hang them from the fencing.

Florals, textiles: Great Finds, 402-228-7007, www.greatfinds.biz.
Metal sign: Blackwater Folk Art, www.blackwaterfolkart.com.
Fabric chicks: Honey and Me, 877-837-8838, www.honeyandme.com/shop.
Wire baskets with liners: Blossom Bucket, Inc., 800-662-5923, www.blossombucket.com.
Bunny stakes: Pearson’s Simply Primitives, 610-404-0627, www.pearsonssimplyprimitives.com.
Glass hurricane, candle, potpourri: Crossroads Original Designs, 866-247-0156, www.crossroadscandles.com.
Onyx eggs: Squire Boone Village, 888-234-1804, www.squireboone.com.