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Smart Retailer July 2020

10 Something for Everyone: An eclectic mix of popular products for even “hard-to-buy-for” friends and family.
14 Jolly Christmas & Winter Décor
22 Gourmet Food to Delight Dinner Guests
28 Entertaining in Style: Find top-drawer décor here.
34 Gifts for Men: Men like practical things they can use in their man cave or on-the-go.
40 Impulse Buys & Stocking Stuffers: Impulse gifts are great profit boosters.
46 Atlanta Market Summer 2020 Preview
50 Las Vegas Market Summer 2020 Preview
54 Is 2020 the Year of Community?
60 Going Green: Learn the three R’s of being budget wise and eco-friendly.
62 Retailer Spotlight: Feltz’s Dairy Store

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Smart Retailer May/June 2020

10 Home Is Where the Heart Is: Clean up on soap, candles, and décor items.
14 Bed, Bath & Bubbles: Your customers will love these décor and body products.
20 Spooktacular Halloween & Fall Products
24 Greeting Cards & Gift Wrap
26 Purr-fect Pet Products
32 Time Management and Delegation: It’s crucial that you spend your time efficiently, focusing on the tasks that only you can do and delegating the rest.
36 More Bright Ideas: Solving lighting problems doesn’t necessarily require expensive remodeling.
42 The Paris Market: A Place That Sparks Wanderlust
46 Five Tips for Ensuring Your Social Media Content Reaches Your Audience

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